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Martina's big "M" on the Buntbox gift box is a real eye-catcher! ❤︎

Hand Lettering is an absolute trend in social media and among the creative crowd.
The Buntbox gift box is perfect for Hand Lettering, since it allows a natural writing habit in the flat state. On the smooth cardboard surface, it is also possible to use all the different hand lettering tools like felt-tip pens, brush pens or even calligraphy pens. You can write on the Buntbox just like on paper and when the hand lettering artwork is finished you can easily fold up the Buntbox.
In this video hand lettering artist Martina shows you how to beautifully hand letter on the Buntbox gift box. We are very happy about this piece of art, because Martina's big "M" is a real eye-catcher.