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Give away Jewelry in a Buntbox Gift Box


Give away Jewelry in a Buntbox Gift Box


Jewelry as a Gift

There are moments in life you want to capture and remember. On these kind of occasions, bracelets, necklaces or cufflinks are traditional gifts.

And of course, the precious gem should come in a suitable gift box. The box can later be used for storage and will serve as a memento.

A box is essential when handing over a gift. Her bright eyes or his expectant look can speak volumes. If it is an event of symbolic importance, you want to be careful when picking the right gift.

According to the occasion, you can design and decorate your gift box to your liking and choose any color you prefer. You can also personalize and print your gift box. With a name and a date, for example, it will always remind of this specific moment.

A souvenir from vacation looks all the more exotic in a colorful, attractively designed box.

You Are Unique

Ring, bracelet and necklace can show a woman how much you appreciate her. It's a serious thing for a man to give jewelry to a woman and tell her how important she is to him.

How do you find the right packaging? A romantic or rather a stylish gift box?

A giftbox can touch the heart of your loved one and make her smile with curiosity when she receives your gift.

She can feel how much attention you paid to the gift and the packaging. She will appreciate the thoughtful design and the sense of creating unique moments.


Give away Something Special

When a woman gives gents jewelry to a man, she officially declares her affection to him. For this sensitive and strong moment, a gift box is needed, which can express just by its appearance what one feels for the other.

Romance is an unfamiliar territory for many men. They appreciate straightforwardness and clear words. And they are interested in Design. So why not choose a plain shape for your gift box?

A cubed box does not just serve as a box, but also as toy and a memory that deserves a place of honor on the shelf or on the desk.


Baptism, Confirmation and Graduation

A baby is born. An occasion for joy. And an occasion for an extraordinary gift. Girl’s and boy’s jewelry is one of the most popular baptism gifts. Made of gold or silver, engraved with name and date, decorated with Christian symbols, it accompanies the baptized for a lifetime. Such a gift is often kept in the very gift box it was given in.

Boy’s and girl’s jewelry is also gladly given away for confirmations, since this feast marks an important turning point in life. High school graduation, the completion of apprenticeship or studies are also occasions that mark important phases in a person's life – the child has become an adult.

Ring and necklace or cufflinks and tie pin can all be put together to a gift set. If you are not sure about your gift, however, you could think about giving away a voucher in a high-quality cardboard envelope.

An Exclusive Giveaway

Jewelry is a very special gift. Women's jewelry and tie clips are mostly worn and make a great souvenir, even put together as gift set. A voucher is also a nice idea.

The matching gift box can be personalized and printed to your own liking and the customer feel that they are being addressed directly.

How to find the Perfect Gift Box and Cardboard Packaging for Jewelry?


BuntboxMaker - Giftboxes Made to Measure

Find your perfect gift box or cardboard packaging for Jewelry from a selection of over 1000 different box shapes and sizes in all kinds of colors by using the search for size on the BuntboxMaker website.

Simply enter your desired size for your gift box or cardboard packaging into the customized search, select your desired shape, and choose a color.

During the last step, you have the opportunity to print your own customized Buntbox. This part is particularly creative since a monochrome print on a fully colored Buntbox can create amazing effects.
Simply upload your image or logo to the print configurator and place it on the box. The preview will be automatically created so you can see how it looks:

Buntbox gift boxes from stock

You can also find gift boxes from stock from 1 piece directly on and even personalize them with printing or embossing. You also find these gift boxes in retail shops: Find a shop

Customization of gift boxes

Our Buntbox team is also more than happy to assist you with any kind of personalizations. We will inform you about all the customization options available and offer you many ideas for your next gift box. Take a look at our range online and get inspired. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you out.

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