Buntbox gift boxes for school and university graduation

Graduation Box

You passed your exams!

Finally all the tests have been completed. Stress and learning are over for now. Now we can celebrate! Family, friends and acquaintances have joined in the excitement and now want to congratulate.

What do I get for passing the exam? From sweets to cars and world tours, everything is possible. Depending on how close the Studiosus is to you and what financial limit is possible, the size and value of the gift can drop out at the end of your studies.

Neighbours, landlords or shared flat members are well positioned with flowers and a box of chocolates. Chocolate and nuts are known to be nerve food. A cake will certainly find approval and fits the occasion. Books, even those not studying, are always welcome. Cosmetics and perfume show that there is a world outside the university and the library.

With a suitably designed gift box, even the smallest details are sure to attract the attention they deserve.


School free forever!

It lasted ten, twelve or thirteen years. Homework, tests, lectures and class tests have dominated everyday life. Now it lies behind you: school days.

Sports bags and pencil cases are a thing of the past when you graduate from school. Now apprenticeship, studies or first of all a creative break are up for self-discovery.

Family, friends, acquaintances and neighbours have supported you since first grade. What used to be the sugar bag is now the farewell gift.

But goodbye also means a new beginning, and as is well known there is a magic in it. This is the right inspiration for gifts. The school graduate likes to read in his free time, he will be happy about books. If you soon go to university and the subject is known, it may be something in this direction. Pens or small accessories sweeten the beginning of your studies. They are packed in a stylish surprise bag.

Schulabschluss Schachtel

Finally made it!

A new phase of life begins after graduation. Reason to rejoice and congratulations. To present a gift correctly, the packaging plays a decisive role. If you're at war with wrapping paper, you have to think of something. Buntbox offers many stylish shapes in trendy colours and various sizes. Here everyone will find a suitable gift box.

Once you have found the right colour for the gift box, you can even have it personalised. That's how unique a graduate is to you. With name and date the simple gift box becomes a lovingly designed souvenir.

Gifts for school leavers and graduates

Gifts often do not depend on their material value. Attention, love and appreciation are important. Carefully selected and beautifully packaged, they show the recipient how much you enjoy him or her.

A cardboard case can be filled with a book and funny little things. Cardboard envelopes are suitable for vouchers or cash gifts. A bottle carton is a stylish packaging for toasting sparkling wine.

Gutschein zum Schulabschluss

Like this everything is right

A gift box can become a gift itself: The cube boxes are suitable for future scientists or craftsmen. Labelled with numbers and formulas, the dice can be combined and stacked. Thus every gift box becomes an attractive eye-catcher. With illustrations of screws and technical know-how decorated, the apprentice in spe has his pleasure in the colorful cubes.



There are many possibilities to personalize the Buntboxes, you leave a lot of room for creativity on your surfaces; use e.g. wax painters, oil and acrylic, chalk, adhesives, stickers, stamps, seal embossing tools or simply coloured and felt-tip pens (everything holds on them).

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