Buntbox gift boxes for birthdays

Geburtstags- Geschenkbox

Happy birthday!

The suitable birthday present is finally found. The big day is just around the corner. Now we start packing. For many, this is a challenge! After all, the first impression also counts here.

Just wrap it in wrapping paper? This is an art in itself. It easily creases, tears or makes unwanted wrinkles. Certain formats are difficult to pack. The smaller, the trickier the matter becomes. Others have an unfavourable shape.

Is there an alternative? Yes: Simply order the matching gift box from Buntbox. High-quality cardboard, exact processing, impressive design and great colours put every gift in the right frame.


The right thing for your birthday

Some have a seventh sense of what others want and always find the right birthday present for work colleagues, friends, children, the lover, the wife. Others have to think long and search.

Gifts always show a part of yourself. How mindful, how carefully you treat your fellow human beings. Are we listening to them? Do you really know them? Do you know what their hobbies and preferences are?

Gift and packaging should match. A tasteful, interesting packaging arouses the curiosity and already at the sight a smile appears, which betrays more than only anticipation.


Packaging that inspires

There are true lovers of cardboard boxes, which collect boxes in all sizes, colours and variations. Thus, the carton itself becomes a gift.

Unusual shapes respond immediately and arouse the desire to unpack.

Lots of little presents? Dice boxes can be stacked and also encourage adults to play and decorate.

Perfume, books for the lady, chocolates, original cosmetics packaging? The cardboard handbag enchants beyond unpacking and can even be used as an accessory in everyday life.

Packing toys with added value? Cardboard blocks in various colours are suitable as gift boxes and for building towers.

Hand over wine in style? The colourful gift box not only captivates with its trendy colouring, but also shows stability.


Gift box in all colours

Many different colours are available. Wrappings can be chosen in the favourite colour of the gift recipient or the colour of the gift box can be matched to that of the gift.

Everything from yellow, orange and red to blue and green is included. Of course you can also choose between black and white.

A fascinating number of gradations are possible. This makes it easy to compose a set of gift boxes that fit together beautifully.

Decorate with bows or personalize the birthday gift box for a very personal touch.

Happy Birthday Gift Box

Make it simple

Everyone is talking about sustainability and environmental awareness. But that is why a gift box does not have to look like a recycled product.

Buntbox offers health harmless cardboard boxes, which are produced in Germany without chlorine and acid and consist of one hundred percent scrap paper, in high-quality design, trendy design and great colours.

Boxes of the same size can be combined with each other, so that you can easily create your individual favourite combination. They can be stored flat and easily assembled. A modern way of packaging gifts: efficient, chic, ecological.

Happy Birthday Geschenkbox


There are many possibilities to personalize the Buntboxes, you leave a lot of room for creativity on your surfaces; use e.g. wax painters, oil and acrylic, chalk, adhesives, stickers, stamps, seal embossing tools or simply coloured and felt-tip pens (everything holds on them).