Buntbox gift boxes for marriage


Just married!

And the tears roll for mothers, aunts, friends and acquaintances. Even many men are moved when the couple marry, the bride, all in white, looks like a princess and the groom doesn't look so much like the buddy who went around the houses with you yesterday.
The only thing that helps is a tear of joy tissue. If you don't have it right at hand, you can quickly look around for the matching tear of joy tissues that should not be missing at any wedding.
The wedding is the day that should be planned in one piece. Everybody wants everything to be right at this occasion. For some a reason to plan a good year in advance. So even the tear of joy tissue boxes can be designed according to the overall style.

Hochzeits- Schachtel

Pure romance

Weddings are celebrated today as the bride and groom wish. Conventions can, but no longer have to be complied with. This ranges from a speed wedding to a long-planned event. From a prestigious party to a Boho wedding with lots of do-it-yourself.
If you choose a country wedding or bohemian style, you can let your imagination run wild and indulge in romantic flowering dreams, pink tulle and organza. 
The tear of joy tissue is certainly not waived here either. Especially at informal celebrations, the atmosphere gets to your heart. The matching gift box can be designed by yourself. Cube boxes are available in different sizes and colours. Vintage tones from diamond white to champagne and mint green are also included. Just pure romance.

Functional, modern and stylish

The flowery doesn't quite correspond to your own ideas of a wedding party? Clear contours, objectivity and straightforwardness are more in demand? 
If you want to be less sugar-sweet and love modern design, choose a gift box that presents exactly this attitude to life. The Colour Cubes are also available in trendy colours. Everything from white to black is included. 
Those who value style can also match the entire stationery to the desired colour scale. Invitation cards can be sent perfectly in the high-quality cardboard envelopes. The Buntbox Colour Bricks cardboard building blocks are suitable for wedding games and as gift boxes for giveaways.


Giveaways in original packaging

Depending on the planned giveaway, you can choose a gift box. Wedding almonds don't always have to come in pink. The colourful box surprise bag is perfect. It even comes in stylish pink and can be personalised. Heart, what more do you want?
The small cardboard bags look great as table decoration and leave room for decorative additions. 
With the pillow cases, anyone can recall Andy Warhol's silver pillows. The suitable size of the gift box can be chosen. And the whole range of colours is represented. 

Small gifts in the right frame

Whoever is invited to a wedding begins to search for a wedding present. Some couples have a list from which you can choose the right one.
Gifts of money and vouchers for the couple are ideas that surely other guests will have. Here it depends on the individual packaging. A cardboard envelope in the bride's favourite colour is sure to please. 
But even a cardboard handbag as a gift box can trigger enthusiasm. Together with the cardboard case it forms a beautiful pair.


There are many possibilities to personalize the Buntboxes, you leave a lot of room for creativity on your surfaces; use e.g. wax painters, oil and acrylic, chalk, adhesives, stickers, stamps, seal embossing tools or simply coloured and felt-tip pens (everything holds on them).


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