Buntbox gift boxes for the anniversary


Geschenkschachtel Jubiläum

A special moment: the anniversary

An anniversary is a celebration of remembrance and presents pride in what has been achieved. It is the moment when we look back, when the moment is celebrated and seen into the future.
A great day! Happily awaited and prepared. Depending on whether it is a private birthday, rounding service years or official anniversaries, we celebrate. Depending on how big and official the party is, giveaways will be made available for remembrance.
If the jubilarian belongs to the family, the gift ideas arise of their own accord. When it comes to the boss's anniversary, it is best to work with the department to decide what should be selected. 
When an event on the occasion of the company's several years of existence is imminent, giveaways in a suitable gift box are an opportunity to further retain employees and customers. 

For a decadal birthday
Decadal birthdays are a good opportunity to get together. It is the time when we take stock of what we have achieved. 
If you are invited to a special birthday, you will select a special gift related to the anniversary. This can be a special edition of a beloved book, a CD with the music of a certain time, a piece of jewellery or writing instrument with engraving.
Gift and packaging should complement each other and form a unit. The matching gift box looks like a frame and brings out the gift. A gift box in a trendy colour combination is ideal for a vintage wine. A present for a fashionista becomes an eye-catcher in a cardboard handbag.


Gifts for the service anniversary

In times of great flexibility, service anniversaries are measured in shorter periods of time. It no longer has to be the fiftieth anniversary of the company in a department; the fiftieth anniversary can already be celebrated with a big hello.
The wishes of colleagues are known from break talks. Usually it is collected in the department. Usually a voucher is included, which can be given away well in a trendy cardboard envelope together with flowers and chocolates. If a book or a certificate is presented, the cardboard case is suitable as an original gift box.

Jubiläums Geschenkbox

Giveaways for the company anniversary

The anniversary of a company is an event that is being prepared for a long time. Successes can be proudly presented and remembered of the beginnings. A series of events is usually planned. 
Printed material is produced that provides information about the history of the company. Giveaways and gimmicks are distributed to staff, customers, business partners and guests. 
The packaging is part of the gifts. The gift box, preferably in the corporate colours, presents the company, its position and its philosophy through its design. 
The design of the gift box arouses interest.
The stylish cardboard cases, which can also be personalised, are suitable for giving away various small items and a brochure.

Packaging with added value

Packaging has great potential that can be opened up and complements the gift. A gift box not only puts the present in the right light, but can also become a toy and interesting utensil that will inspire even after years.
For example, there are Colour Cubes in various colours and different sizes. They can be stacked and combined again and again.

Jubiläums Geschenkschachtel


There are many possibilities to personalize the Buntboxes, you leave a lot of room for creativity on your surfaces; use e.g. wax painters, oil and acrylic, chalk, adhesives, stickers, stamps, seal embossing tools or simply coloured and felt-tip pens (everything holds on them).

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