New Year


Buntbox gift boxes for the New Year

Silvester und Neujahr Geschenkbox

Happy New Year!

Christmas is behind you. New Year's Eve is eagerly awaited and New Year's Eve prepared. Together with friends, acquaintances and neighbours, many of them slide into the New Year with a big hello.

Gifts are not to be missed.Small gifts are a suitable gift. In a trendy gift box, they arouse curiosity about the contents and spread a good mood as soon as they are handed over at the front door.

You can't miss it at a New Year's Eve party. With confetti, a large buffet, fun games, dance and music, New Year's Eve is very different from a contemplative, peaceful Christmas. It marks the powerful start into a grandiose new year.


New Year's Eve souvenir

Depending on the closeness to the inviting person, the gift is designed. Family celebrations know what the other person likes and enjoys. Small funny gifts bring a smile to the faces of parents and siblings. When the gift box is filled with confetti, the fun is doubled.

Especially children like the colourful snippets, with which you can play so wonderfully on this evening between the years. But adults are also happy about fun gifts.

Friends and acquaintances can enjoy a culinary contribution to the buffet or an addition to the fireworks.

The obligatory bottle of sparkling wine is always right when visiting the neighbourhood. If this is then packaged in a stylish bottle box, it is certain that the gift will be well received.

Silvester Geschenkschachtel

Let's have a party!

Especially the preparation of larger parties is a lot of fun, requires almost strategic preparation and often involves immense effort. Any helping hand is welcome. It is not unusual for guests to share the tasks. Some take over the fireworks, others the design of the buffet, the next decorate the location with dedication.

A thank you is always welcome. Be it a CD with hip music or a few sweets for in between. The gift box can create atmosphere: surprise bags are suitable for sweets and a box in bright colours makes you want the right songs.

Neujahr Geschenkbox

Gifts at the beginning of the year

New Year invitations and receptions are usually more official. What you can expect can be seen in the design of the invitation. If this is very noble and contains hints to the dress code, then tailcoat and evening dress are called for. A suitable gift should be selected according to the taste of the hosts.

With a vintage wine you are usually never wrong. In a noble gift box you can show it off to its best advantage. If the event is a memorable one, you can personalize the box.

An informal invitation to a hangover breakfast should be more relaxed and casual. From herring salad to a pack of coffee or black tea, everything is allowed. A cheerfully designed gift box helps to overcome the after-effects of the long night.


New Year cards & Co.

The beautiful custom of writing New Year cards has come back into fashion with the calligraphy boom. Sayings are lovingly selected and cards are designed. Cardboard envelopes in trendy colours perfectly complement these small works of art.

Even more official greetings will find the right envelope with white or cream envelopes. Some also design small giveaways, which find the right frame in a colour-matched gift box.

Neujahrs Geschenkschachtel


There are many possibilities to personalize the Buntboxes, you leave a lot of room for creativity on your surfaces; use e.g. wax painters, oil and acrylic, chalk, adhesives, stickers, stamps, seal embossing tools or simply coloured and felt-tip pens (everything holds on them).