Buntbox gift boxes for baptism

Geschenkschachtel zur Taufe

Baptism - a celebration for family and church

The first great celebration in the life of a small person is baptism. Here the little one meets for the first time with all those who will accompany him from now on. The family brings their child to the church, where they are introduced to the congregation and accepted into the community.

For everyone this is a great day, which is celebrated today with a colourful family celebration. Many hands are involved in the loving preparations. From the invitation card, candle, christening robe, cake and cupcakes to the giveaway in the matching gift box, everything should be perfect and contribute to making this an unforgettable day.


A child is born!

What could be more beautiful in the world than the birth of a child! A family grows and meets on the day of the baptismal service to celebrate life and love.

The little baby is even more in the focus of attention than usual. To grow and prosper, it needs the warmth and affection of its surroundings. This is what is promised on the day of baptism not only by the godparents.

The family and the baby are shown: We are here for you. Many small gifts are presented. So that a gift is suitably packaged, you can choose from various designs.

Cube boxes and cardboard bricks are ideal as original gift boxes for a christening. They are available in various sizes and colours. Light blue and flamingo-pink are also included.

Geschenkschachtel zur Taufe

Symbol and gift: the baptismal candle

A central part of the baptismal ceremony is the baptismal candle. Decorated with Christian symbols, names and dates, this candle is something very special, which is kept for the baptized person.

The baptismal candle is of high quality and carefully decorated and accompanies you until communion or confirmation.

Accordingly, it is to be kept. The matching gift box should be stable and decorative and correspond to the contents in design and construction.

Taufe - Taufkranz

Gifts for life

Christening gifts are something very personal. They should accompany the baptized person on his life's journey and show how much he is welcome.

Money gifts and savings books are popular. The gift can be stylishly presented with a high-quality cardboard envelope. If you want it more original, choose a cardboard handbag in pink or a cardboard case in Atlantic blue as the matching gift box.

Even a star can be given away. The cardboard envelope can be designed accordingly.

For christening bracelets, rings and chains a colour-matching gift box is the right frame. This way, the jewellery can also be stored well. To emphasize the individuality, the box can be personalized.

Small gifts in a gift box

So that all guests will remember the event in good memory, parents are happy to giveaways on the way. This can be a sweet little thing or something symbolic, like flower seeds. This gives expression to the common growth.

Pretty are cardboard cushion boxes, which are available in different sizes and colours. Anyone who has developed a colour concept for their entire celebration will certainly find the right shade here.

If the focus is on playfulness, colourful cardboard blocks or cube boxes are a good idea. Children in particular will be thrilled. But adults are also happy about a decorative addition to their desk.

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There are many possibilities to personalize the Buntboxes, you leave a lot of room for creativity on your surfaces; use e.g. wax painters, oil and acrylic, chalk, adhesives, stickers, stamps, seal embossing tools or simply coloured and felt-tip pens (everything holds on them).