Buntbox gift boxes for engagement

Geschenkschachtel für die Verlobung

And I said yes ...

An engagement is back in. The classic proposal is the dream of many women and an exciting moment for the husbands in the making. The moment is carefully planned and prepared.

For some it is a romantic candlelight dinner, for others the highlight of a journey, for which he planned the all-important question and above all bought the jewellery, the Ring of the Rings.

The packaging of the jewel plays a not insignificant role. If you don't want the expensive piece to get lost in a daring action or if your sweetheart bites out a tooth, you don't have to hide the engagement ring in the dessert and choose a stylish gift box instead.

If everything goes as planned, then she can't help but say "Yes".


In love, engaged, married

Once you've found the woman for life, you can't let up. He'll do anything to win her over. The engagement is a good preparation for the covenant for life.

If a couple manages to get through the preparations for a wedding together, they can also face the challenges of everyday life together.

Romanticism should not forget it. The engagement ring reminds us of the moment when things got serious and people promised each other. The gift box captures this moment. It can be used to store the jewellery or, selected accordingly, as a trendy addition to a desk or bookcase. So that nobody forgets the date, the gift box can be personalised.


A festival for love

An engagement party is like the dress rehearsal for the wedding. Only a little smaller. The couple presents themselves to their families, friends and acquaintances and announces their engagement.

The invitation cards can be sent in a cardboard envelope in a colour matching the concept of the event. Small cushion boxes or surprise bags in the same colour are suitable for giveaways.

The jewellery of the future bride is admired. Small gifts will be brought along. A present is more appropriate here. The big presents don't arrive till the wedding.

But even the little things need to be nicely and appropriately packaged. The matching gift box puts them in the right light. The cardboard handbag and case are original. Gladly in white and black as a reminiscence of the later wedding outfit.


A thousand good wishes lovingly packaged

To personalise gifts, small letters are particularly suitable for engagement ceremonies, which are selected in a cardboard envelope, matching the colour of the gift box.

Here, calligraphically fine executed, good wishes for engagement and wedding preparations find their place, here the own joy over the beautiful pair expression is lent.

If you want, you can paint and decorate the gift box imaginatively. This gives a small gift an individual, unique touch.

Geschenkschachtel Verlobung

For a lifetime ...

Two people have promised each other and venture together into a life as a couple. The packaging of the engagement gifts can become a decorative souvenir, which will have a permanent place in the ambience of the shared apartment.

Made from one hundred percent waste paper, without the use of chlorine or acid additives carefully and in the best quality, the fresh colors enjoy a lifetime.


There are many possibilities to personalize the Buntboxes, you leave a lot of room for creativity on your surfaces; use e.g. wax painters, oil and acrylic, chalk, adhesives, stickers, stamps, seal embossing tools or simply coloured and felt-tip pens (everything holds on them).