Buntbox gift boxes for Christmas


Geschenkschachtel für Weihnachten

Moodful christmas time


It gets dark outside in the afternoon. There is frost and snow. Shops and streets are decorated. The house is decorated. The aroma of cinnamon and mulled wine: Christmas is coming.
With excitement and anticipation expected from the children. Planned with love and imagination from the adults. People tinker, bake and built. Preparations are in full swing. There is a Christmas party after Christmas party. Family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues want a suitable gift with a nice gift box.
The anticipation of the festivities enchants everyday life. Together with the family, the house and apartment are decorated for Christmas. With each branch of fir trees, a cosy Christmas atmosphere spreads. The joy of sharing with others is growing. 



The art of giving


Gifts should show how important the recipient is. They should bring joy and be appropriate. 
Giving is easy for many people. They have an eye for their fellow human beings, listen to them, know their wishes. 
A little surprise is appropriate for the neighbours. The Christmas party at the company is a customary event. Mostly you know your colleague and know exactly what she likes from the break talks. Otherwise it can also be a lovingly wrapped voucher.
With friends and your own family, you know what the other person wants. In many families the children paint and write a wish list. If you don't want it to be a horse or a rocket, you will also find a suitable gift box for it.



Christmas gifts

Some hurry from shop to shop and spend their time in the hustle and bustle of department stores. The Christmas business is booming. All the little things for friends and relatives need to be taken care of and packed in time. 
The trend towards DIY has increased in recent years. Caps, sweaters, scarves and gloves are knitted and crocheted with passion. Sewing and baking. But how do you pack your treasures?
The matching gift box puts the gift in the right light. Especially when it comes to the classic bottle of wine, homemade jam or lovingly baked biscuits, the packaging should also fit. 
With a cardboard bag and a bottle box the dear gifts get the right setting for their appearance. 


Cleverly packed


A suitable gift box is not in the house, the packing in the business is too impersonal, with gift paper you don’t not get any further?
Gifts also impress with their packaging. Under the Christmas tree and on the fireplace they unfold their decorative effect. A gift box should be chosen so that, especially for Christmas, it fits the gift, the giving, the recipient and the occasion.
At Buntbox there are various variants and colours of cardboard that are perfectly suited for the Christmas season. You can even easily personalize your gift box yourself. 
There are many possibilities to personalize the Buntboxes, you leave a lot of room for creativity on your surfaces; use e.g. wax painters, oil and acrylic, chalk, adhesives, stickers, stamps, seal embossing tools or simply coloured and felt-tip pens (everything holds on them).



Every year again


Books, toys, the homemade sweater, Christmas cookies and sweets - everything is waiting and ready in time. Now it's time to pack!
With Buntbox you make a lasting gift. The high-quality cardboard boxes are available in many colours, shapes and sizes. They are made from 100% waste paper without the use of chlorine and acid and can be reused in everyday life as toys and accessories.


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