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Would you like to give away a book or a voucher for a book? Choosing this gift gives you endless possibilities. No matter if you would like to surprise your loved ones with exciting entertainment, let them delve into historical worlds, broaden their horizons or to simply relax and leave reality behind for a while, with the right book, all this can become true. The same goes for a book as a gift – an original souvenir like this can especially attract the attention of potential customers. However, if you were able to find a perfect copy for your partner, your children, your friends or the potential buyers of your products, there is one important question: which packaging should be used for the books to delight your loved ones? 

Books in a Buntbox gift box – colorful reading enjoyment with original design 

How well your gift will be accepted by the recipient depends, of course, on the appearance of your gift box. Do you want your present to not just be pleasant to the eye, but to also provide stability, eco-friendliness and easy usage? Then you found the perfect packaging with Buntbox. What makes this gift box ideal for small and large book gifts are the practical and aesthetically outstanding features.

Fact Number 1: Design 

A gift box should stand out, have an exciting look and match the recipient’s preferences. In order to make sure that your gift fulfills all these requirements, you can use Buntbox's full range of 24 different colors to put together your perfect combination. You can choose individual colors for the lower and upper part of your box and create unique color effects to enthrall your recipient. If you are looking for an even more personalized gift box, you can also add prints to your Buntbox or customize it even further at home. Just get some pencils and be creative!

Fact Number 2: Size 

The dazzling colors are of little use if your give away, cookbook, novel, children's book or voucher do not fit into the box. To prevent this problem, there is plenty of choice when picking a size at Buntbox. From small boxes for non-fiction books up to large boxes for reams there is a large variety of designs available to help you pick the right one. Even large gifts such as fiction books can easily fit into a Buntbox!

Fact Number 3: Practicality & Sustainability

Book gifts should generally be treated with caution. After all, your carefully selected kind of literature or your gift set should not fall to the ground! Buntbox guarantees that this will not happen. After you folded together your box in a few simple steps, it is ready to use and ensures that your treasures will arrive safely thanks to the sturdy material. Do you need to wrap lots of gifts or you are planning to put together an entire gift set, but you have too little space? Another advantage of Buntbox is that it is delivered flat and takes up very little space. Still having concerns about the environmental impact? The 100% recycled cardboard gives you the answer. Buntbox guarantees a green conscience in terms of environmentalism.

How to find the Perfect Gift Box and Cardboard Packaging for books?


BuntboxMaker - Giftboxes Made to Measure

Find your perfect gift box or cardboard packaging for books from a selection of over 1000 different box shapes and sizes in all kinds of colors by using the search for size on the BuntboxMaker website.

Simply enter your desired size for your gift box or cardboard packaging into the customized search, select your desired shape, and choose a color.

During the last step, you have the opportunity to print your own customized Buntbox. This part is particularly creative since a monochrome print on a fully colored Buntbox can create amazing effects.
Simply upload your image or logo to the print configurator and place it on the box. The preview will be automatically created so you can see how it looks:

Buntbox gift boxes from stock

You can also find gift boxes from stock from 1 piece directly on and even personalize them with printing or embossing. You also find these gift boxes in retail shops: Find a shop

Customization of gift boxes

Our Buntbox team is also more than happy to assist you with any kind of personalizations. We will inform you about all the customization options available and offer you many ideas for your next gift box. Take a look at our range online and get inspired. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you out.

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