Large Gift Box in Your Favourite Colour

Buntbox L - Große Geschenkschachtel

BUNTBOX L Description


The large gift box BUNTBOX L is 26.6 cm long, 17.2 cm wide and 7.8 cm high. The bottom area of this gift box is a little bit bigger than DIN A5.


If you are looking for the right packaging for a book, a sweater or your personalized gift box, then the BUNTBOX L is your choice. You choose the content. So let your imagination run free! You can put together the BUNTBOX L gift box in various bright colours for an individual, beautiful and environmentally friendly packaging made from 100 % recycled cardboard. You can store the BUNTBOX box flat and therefore save storage space.


Use your favorite colours, choose colours of the box according to the content or occasion. When it comes to the beautiful gift-giving, then your BUNTBOX won't let you down, since it convinces with its individual beauty.


BUNTBOX advantages at a glance:

  • environmentally friendly
  • flat delivery of the box saves storage space
  • individual design and short delivery times
  • excellent value for money, even in small quantities
  • bright colours, strikingly beautiful and visually appealing


You can buy the BUNTBOX L gift box here in our online shop.

BUNTBOX L Configurator

Length: 26,6 cm | Width: 17,2 cm | Height: 7,8 cm

Here you can combine BUNTBOX colours







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Product no.: 5

Size (cm):

Length: 27,2

Width: 17,6

Heigth: 4,3

1.45 *
can be shipped within 1-3 days
Delivery weight: 46.5 g


Product no.: 6

Size (cm):

Length: 26,6

Width: 17,2

Heigth: 7,8

2.17 *
can be shipped within 1-3 days
Delivery weight: 75 g
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