We could not find the gift box we were looking for, so we decided to develop one ourselves.

We have tried a lot until we finally ended up with the BUNTBOX .

The gift box should be simple, beautiful and customizable. In addition, it should be possible to store the box easily for short delivery times even in the smallest quantities.

Out of these challenges the BUNTBOX was born.

The BUNTBOX should both look beautiful, as well as to be nice to touch; that is why we have chosen a high quality fully-colored fine cardboard with beautiful rich colors. In order to protect the environment the box is 100% recycled, which is also very important to us .

We have deliberately omitted ornaments, decorations , and other bells and whistles, because we think that for good design often less is more.

Finally the box should also be customizable. Since the box is equipped with an upper and a lower part i.e. two different parts, so why not mix the colors? The BUNTBOX was born. It is the gift box we desired because she is beautiful, simple and at the same time customizable by a great variety of beautiful colour combinations.

Ultimately, the BUNTBOX should not be in the way when in its unused condition and be space efficient. This is the case because, being a cardboard foldign box, it is delivered flat.

The BUNTBOX gift box we hold for you in stock for short delivery times, even in smallest quantities.

The BUNTBOX is Quality "Made in Germany". Produced from the parental family business Ebro Color, where otherwise high-quality sales packaging is produced from solid cardboard.

The BUNTBOX is the result of a lot of passion, heart and our passion for minimalist design.

German and Simon Brodbeck