Hikidashi Box Set - Diamant

Hikidashi Box Set - Diamant

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The Hikidashi Box set contains 6 pieces (3 lids and 3 boxes) that you can use for storage.

Hikidashi means in Japanese drawer. 

The boxes are perfect for storing clothes we love and want to keep.

The Hikidashi boxes became famous through the KonMari method by Marie Kondo.

You can use boxes for organizing pretty much anything in your home.

You can buy one of our 4 predefined Hikidashi Box Sets or choose freely your sizes and coulours of the different Buntbox versions available online.

This includes the following individual products

BUNTBOX M Top (Colour: Diamond (white))
1 piece(s)
0.98 / 1 piece(s) *
BUNTBOX L Top (Colour: Diamond (white))
1 piece(s)
1.45 / 1 piece(s) *
BUNTBOX XL Top (Colour: Diamond (white))
1 piece(s)
2.24 / 1 piece(s) *
BUNTBOX M Base (Colour: Diamond (white))
1 piece(s)
1.45 / 1 piece(s) *
BUNTBOX L Base (Colour: Diamond (white))
1 piece(s)
2.17 / 1 piece(s) *
BUNTBOX XL Base (Colour: Diamond (white))
1 piece(s)
4.00 / 1 piece(s) *
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