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Your boxes with a certain Extra

You have already made up your mind and selected your Buntbox gift box. You have also chosen your favourites from the numerous available colours. Now it's about making these articles unique according to your wishes and ideas, with your logo, your own writing, your motto or a famous quotation, a funny saying or adage that perfectly fit the occasion. A seminar title or a club name is also conceivable. Let your imagination run wild.

Foil embossing for a special look and feel

Hot foil stamping is a printing process in which heat is used to emboss foil onto the paper or gift box in a way that you can even feel it to the touch. Thus, this method not only creates optical but also haptic contrasts. Compared to normal printing or even printing on your home computer, it provides many more possibilities. According to your wishes not only you can personalize the font, font size and colour but also how it should feel to the touch. Also, an image or logo can be reproduced in a special way and put in the right light. A simple gift box or gift cardboard box becomes a unique piece of jewellery. This embossing not only enhances the packaging, but also gives the contents a special touch. The receiver of the box will also appreciate this little extra.

But what exactly is this hot foil stamping?

In this printing process, the word or image is printed from foil onto the paper or board using a lot of heat and pressure. The most common use of this technique is probably for wedding cards or invitations, but also for business cards, where this technique is frequently used. Metallic colours such as gold and silver are often used, but any other colour can be used.


Why have them embossed?


Packaging surface is also advertising space

The extra effort for embossing is worth it. In the business sector, packaging for promotional gifts can be personalized, because the gift box is also an advertising space that you should use. You can now design your gift box with this foil embossing and reach even more people at the next trade fair, simply by the fact that those who are already interested in your company or your products can advertise for you for free. For example, if they carry a cardboard bag or suitcase with them, your company logo or catchy advertising slogan will spread all by itself. Also, the 100% recyclable cardboard packaging is more environmentally friendly than plastic bags. Nowadays this is also an important topic for promotional gifts. Of course, there are countless other possible uses besides carton and packaging, everything that needs to get safely from A to B needs some protection: countless possibilities to design custom-made advertising space and to win new customers through clever ideas.

You hold a conference the day before or made new contacts at a trade fair and would like to send your contacts some information material afterwards? Why just lay out flyers. Design a cardboard box or bag to match your presentation. This way you can be sure that your handouts, flyers and brochures do not end up wrinkled and unread in the next trash, because many participants usually have nothing to transport something like this back home or to work.

You have a farm shop, are making jewellery or have founded a start-up and would like to package your homemade products in an environmentally friendly and personalised way? The selection of cube boxes, cushion boxes and precisely tailored special packaging is large. With the choice of colours and printing, there are almost endless possibilities for the packaging of the products.

Do you work a lot with large groups of people, lead workshops or teach? Here too, there is a lot of use for cardboard bags. This makes it easier to put groups together when all the required materials are in differently printed boxes. You can also add your lettering or pictures to part of the box and your participants can continue to design the cardboard box. Also, you can create a box for everyone and collect everything you need. This also works wonderfully in a classroom, for example.

There is an anniversary coming up, or you want to use a special packaging for Christmas or any other occasion to attract customers and employees. You will certainly find the right box and can design and print it according to the occasion.

Hobby, home and club

Also in the private sector or for your beloved hobby you will find personalized boxes and bags. The gold and silver colours are often used for invitations or thanks cards, for weddings or a birthday. These colours simply refine any packaging and are also frequently used in industry. But also a variety of other colours can be used to further emphasize an already beautiful occasion. So you can also use the boxes to say thanks with a special little present for all the wonderful gifts and congratulations for your birthday or wedding. Of course, you can also design the cards and envelopes in a uniform design with the bags.

Are you organising an event with your club? Here you can also have the colour box gift box printed with your club logo for the guests or members.

Since the Buntbox products are all delivered flat, they take up very little space until they are actually used. A small stockpile is always worthwhile. This way you can develop your individual design and be sure that even new gifts can be beautifully packaged in the same look.


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Since we create an embossing stamp for the foil embossing and adjust the machine, we recommend a minimum quantity of 100 pieces to keep the costs per piece down. Simply send us an inquiry with the desired number, shape and colour of the gift box:

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