Gift Boxes in Your Favourite Colours



The BUNTBOX gift box is available in 4 different sizes: S, M, L and XL.

You can combine top and base in 24 beautiful colours for your gift box in your favourite colours.

All our BUNTBOX Sizes are therefore available in over 500 different colour combinations.


BUNTBOX S - Small Gift Box

Length: 10,2 cm | Width: 6,5 cm | Height: 4,6 cm

BUNTBOX S - Kleine Geschenkschachtel

Length: 26,6 cm | Width: 17,2 cm | Height: 7,8 cm

BUNTBOX L - Große Geschenkschachtel

BUNTBOX XL - Extra Large Gift Box

Length: 34 cm | Width: 22 cm | Height: 11,5 cm

BUNTBOX XL - Extra große Geschenkschachtel