BUNTBOX Colour Mailer A4+ My Print | Cardboard Enveloppes printed with my print 32.5 x 24 cm (A4+)

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Cardboard- Enveloppes in Your Favourite Colours

Length: 32,5 cm | Width: 24 cm (A4+)

Cardboard strength: 350g/m2


BUNTBOX Colour Mailers are high-end envelopes out of precious colourful cardboard with stylish closure in a retro look.


The BUNTBOX envelopes are 32.5 cm long and 24 cm high (A4 +).


Also the BUNTBOX Colour Mailers are available in all BUNTBOX colours.

You can print directly on the Buntbox Colour Mailers on a defined area on the back (where is not the tab)

Please note that the inks behave additively, ie. that the basic color of the colored Buntbox carton influences the print result.

We recommend colored printing (4-color) on the light colors, especially on the colors diamond (white) and champagne (beige), as the basic colors of the box influence the final colors of the print.

With black can be printed on all colors except black (graphite).

You can easily place your print on a print template (PDF or Power Point); You can download the print templates here:


Power Point (save as PDF to upload)

Print templates created in Power Point please save as PDF to upload. (In PowerPoint: Save as -> select PDF as file format)

The print data can be uploaded in the following file formats (print area 31,5 cm x 22 cm):

.jpg .png .gif .svg .pdf .eps


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BUNTBOX Colour Mailer A4+ | Cardboard Enveloppes 32.5 x 24 cm (A4+) BUNTBOX Colour Mailer A4+ | Cardboard Enveloppes 32.5 x 24 cm (A4+)
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