Buntbox gift boxes for exhibitions

Give-away Geschenkbox

Exciting packaging for the exhibitions

One thing counts above all at trade fairs: attracting attention and arousing interest.

If you want to present your product successfully, you will pay attention to a consciously designed ambience and a carefully conceived packaging idea. Product, stand design and packaging thus form a well thought-out unit that invites visitors to get to know each other.

To be seen in the crowd of providers, positive signs must be set that promise the customer profit and added value. Exciting design solutions bring a lot. They are fascinating and inspire to look at, understand and play.

This increases the length of time customers stay at the stand. The possibility to get into conversation and to achieve conclusions increases.


Marketing and gift box

A trade fair is not primarily for sale. Above all, it is a wonderful opportunity to gain a doctorate in various fields: B2B as well as B2C. Within the industry and with private customers, contacts can be made, relationships initiated, ideas developed.

Whoever runs an innovative company shows this in detail. Interesting packaging solutions of high quality present a company perfectly.

A giveaway is upgraded with the matching gift box. If this is a small work of art in itself, it has a good chance of being present in the customer's environment.

Like the dice boxes, for example. Colour Cubes are available in three different sizes and various trendy colours. They can be stacked and are suitable for designing the desk in the office or at home.


Aha-effect in the corporate design

In order to achieve a lasting effect and remain in the customer's memory, it makes sense to select the packaging in the colours of the company and personalise it. This can happen in different directions:

•           Logo and name of the company are cleverly placed

•           Common first names or direct call to action are used.


If thegift box is then still originally arranged, so that an interest develops to concern itself longer with it, then the goal is already nearly reached:

The customer is positively connected with the company and product by a gift addressed directly to him, the packaging of which he can additionally continue to use.

The next time he already knows: "Aha, I know them!


Shopping experience with gift box

It's not just about launching a one-off sale, but developing a business that pays off. This includes the shopping experience. The customer does not necessarily buy because he needs something. He wants to experience something, feel confirmed as an individual, complement his style.

A stylish gift box is the crowning glory of the sale, which the customer will remember as positive and pleasant. It's not for nothing that so many people collect boxes. They appreciate the aura associated with it and would like to integrate it to some extent into their own lives.

This opportunity should be seized. It means not only reaching a buyer, but setting an example that could also interest other potential customers.



Sustainability can be achieved in various areas with a gift box.

If it fascinates the customer permanently and the curiosity of others, a customer or business partner becomes a multiplier.

Produced in an environmentally friendly way and reusable, it presents ecological responsibility and innovation.



There are many possibilities to personalize the Buntboxes, you leave a lot of room for creativity on your surfaces; use e.g. wax painters, oil and acrylic, chalk, adhesives, stickers, stamps, seal embossing tools or simply coloured and felt-tip pens (everything holds on them).