Buntbox Colour Cube Cube Box

The colourful cube boxes make gift giving a special treat. Available in sizes S and M, the colourful folding boxes with square sides are ideal for wrapping gifts as well as small attentions in between. The mere sight of our colourful folding box cubes will awaken your first creative ideas. With their symmetrical cube shape on all sides, the boxes with an edge length of 10x10x10 cm or smaller are so attractive that they are basically a gift in themselves. After unpacking, many recipients continue to use the folding boxes with tuck-in flap as containers for all kinds of little things. Thus, the colourful boxes with flap lids also prove to be sustainable due to their multiple use. Since they are made of environmentally friendly cardboard anyway, manufactured from 100% recycled paper, each folding box with tuck-in flap stands for giving with a clear conscience.

Würfelschachteln von Buntbox

Folding instructions

The gift boxes are delivered lying flat and are easily set up by hand

Buntbox Colour Cube M Cube Box

What gift cube boxes are particularly suitable for

No books or bottles will fit into a cube-shaped box with 10x10x10 cm maximum edge length, but there are enough gift ideas left over for which such a box cube is just right. Look:

  • Chrocolates & Sweets
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Spices
  • Photos
  • Jewellery
  • Perfume
  • Cosmetics
  • .
  • Decorative figures
  • Socks & Gloves
  • Scarves
  • Toys
  • Vouchers

Folding box cubes by BUNTBOX: the perfect harmony between packaging and contents

The cube shape alone expresses perfect harmony with its optimal symmetry. If you then choose a cube colour that exactly matches your gift, you create the successful overall composition. The recipient will notice the special flair of your gift and feel extra appreciated. With our folding boxes with flap lids, which are available in many different colours, you have countless possibilities. A brightly coloured box works on its own: with its strong colour, it no longer needs wrapping paper. If you like, you can also decorate it, for example with a matching bow. Or you can decorate the cardboard cube with a happy face that beams at the recipient - like a smiley face.

Or how about a greeting, congratulations or a saying? If you're giving a spice, the matching colour of the cube - red, orange, yellow, brown or black - and a tasty recipe note on the colourful box are just the thing. For gold jewellery, it doesn't necessarily have to be a yellow box. Instead, we recommend a colour that contrasts with the gold, such as blue, red or black. Red works for gifts between lovers anyway. The other person's favourite colour works just as well. Who says you can only use one cube per gift? Make a work of art out of three or five dice boxes! Place them on top of each other in a pyramid shape with a little glue or cleverly tied. There are no limits to your imagination with square folding boxes. Find out how you can bring joy not only to others but also to yourself.

Tip: You can have the cubes personalised by us with the print of your choice. Entrepreneurs in particular like to use this for promotional gifts - with a slogan and company logo.

Be positively remembered with colourful cubes

In a colourful cube-shaped box with a hinged lid, your unusually packaged gift is automatically associated with you. It will always be remembered. You yourself will love the practical, quick and original packaging method with folding boxes in square look for small-sized gifts.