Buntbox Colour Pack Pillow Box


Are you looking for a particularly beautiful packaging? We would like to introduce you to the versatile cushion boxes from BUNTBOX: Cases made of 100% recycled material in different sizes and colours, ready for gifts or things you want to store quickly and stylishly in a cushion box for yourself. The cushion packaging made to measure and the cushion packaging in printed form are special highlights, and on top of that the cushion boxes are inexpensive.

Black cushion box, white cushion box, large cushion box, small cushion box, print cushion box, fill it, give it as a gift and make it an eye-catcher - all this and more is possible with a cushion box from BUNTBOX. Buying cushion boxes is sustainable and pays off several times over: The cardboard boxes are made in Germany, can be used several times and are recyclable at the end of their useful life.

Flache Boxen von Buntbox

Folding instructions

The gift boxes are delivered lying flat and are easily set up by hand

Pillow box from Buntbox

Colours for the cushion boxes

The cushion boxes are available in black and white. This packaging radiates simple elegance and offers the advantage that almost every bow matches in colour if a gift is to be presented in an even more appealing way. For more colour in life, the practical envelopes are available in many different colours. To give the cushion packaging a personal touch, you can have it printed or paint and stick it on yourself. Besides gifts, the colourful boxes serve as storage for many other things. The possibility of labelling them and sorting them by colour makes them ideal for keeping things tidy and structured.

Sizes for cushion packaging

Different things need different sizes of packaging. At BUNTBOX we have the pillow boxes in big sizes and the pillow boxes in small sizes in stock. You can find the concrete sizes for the finished boxes in the pictures below this text. Pillow boxes are a cheap and attractive way to wrap things. Gifts can be wrapped in a flash, no tape or scissors are needed. Even things whose shape is a challenge when wrapping with paper can be wrapped aesthetically and tastefully with the handy cardboard sleeves. So that no wishes remain unfulfilled, you can have the cushion packaging printed.

Pillow packaging made to measure

The multifunctional cardboard cases are available in many different versions in addition to the two standard sizes. Customise your cushion packaging to suit the giveaways and other items you want to pack inside. With a range of colours to choose from, there are plenty of options to customise the pillow-shaped boxes to suit your needs. For even more individuality, you can have the pillow packaging printed.

Pillow packaging printed

An especially great way to generate unique packaging is to have the pillow boxes printed. Your custom print adds a special touch to the boxes that can help achieve a wide variety of goals. Whether it is to advertise with packaging or to strengthen your corporate identity and make it highly visible, printing your cushion packaging is a great way to stand out and be remembered by your customers. Also for private purposes, individually printed gift boxes are a wonderful alternative to convey an extra portion of appreciation to the recipient.

Buying pillow boxes is fun: Sustainable material, colourful variety, extensive choice of sizes, individual printing, easy handling, practicality, stylish gift options and multiple applications make the user-friendly cardboard cushions a special packaging experience.

Buying cushion boxes is fun.