Big cardboard boxes keep things tidy

What is the best way to store all kinds of utensils? How can gifts be packed safely and yet decoratively? In cardboard boxes, of course. However, the box must meet certain requirements. It should be extremely robust, because even heavy objects should not damage it. Thanks to Buntbox, wrapping in wrapping paper is no longer necessary, because you can design the large box yourself. This way, it not only awakens the anticipation of the gift, it also shows that the person you are giving the gift to is close to your heart.

Folding instructions

The gift boxes are delivered lying flat and are easily set up by hand

Large cardboard boxes

A large box for many purposes

If you want to give someone a special treat, you can wrap your gift in a large cardboard box. As it is designed by you, it takes on the role of gift wrapping. However, the large cardboard boxes from Buntbox are far too precious to be used only once. That is why the large box is also in demand as a storage box. You can store various utensils in it. These include: - Bücher - Toys - Photos - Articles of clothing - Drinks - Decorative items The cardboard box from Buntbox is made of high quality and can withstand all kinds of stress. If you choose the large box, then you are doing everything right.

As a gift or for storage? The large box is the right choice

Large gifts require large cardboard boxes. But the cardboard box from Buntbox also serves another purpose. It can be used to store many everyday things. Seldom has order been so decorative, because due to the possibility of individual design, the large box from Buntbox cannot be compared to a conventional cardboard box. The large cardboard boxes are designed for all occasions and are also used for gifts. You can wrap the gift in style and the robust cardboard protects the gift in an exemplary way.

You determine the design

If you want to buy large boxes, you can design them yourself at Buntbox. The cardboard used will be perfectly highlighted and the large cardboard boxes will be eye-catchers. First of all, you choose the right cardboard that is suitable for your purposes. Then the colour selection begins. The large cardboard boxes get their finishing touch through the colour and the luminosity will impress you. But that's not the end of it. The cardboard is big and of course needs to be designed. How about a slogan, a cool motif or a photo? Everything is possible and the big box will be personalised by your design. The configurator shows you the result immediately and you can shop with us without any risk. Storage boxes and gift boxes have never been as decorative as the boxes from Buntbox. If you want to buy large boxes, then you should definitely pay attention to the quality. We use robust cardboard and produce the boxes exclusively in Germany.

A large box full of advantages

If you are thinking about the environment, then you should also buy our large boxes. They are made from cardboard that is 100% recycled. Since the cardboard is manufactured in Germany, there are no high transport costs and this is also reflected in the price. Despite the high quality, we can offer you an attractive price/performance ratio. Our large carton is also used for commercial purposes. In this way, promotional gifts can be attractively packaged. Whether as gift packaging or storage box: our large cardboard box is in demand.