Small cardboard boxes for any need

Boxes, boxes or other storage items accompany us every day. In order to keep things tidy, it is indispensable to have appropriate boxes. At the same time, boxes can of course also be used for gifts in order to pack them appropriately. Let us introduce you to our small cardboard boxes and explain their usefulness.

Folding instructions

The gift boxes are delivered lying flat and are easily set up by hand

Small cardboard box by Buntbox

Very practical in the Büro as well as in everyday life

Everyone knows that clutter has no place in the Büro. Important memos from the last meeting or the deadline to be met on a piece of paper must never be lost and should always be kept safely in one place. Our small cardboard boxes are perfect for keeping things tidy. Small cardboard boxes can be individually labelled or printed so that they can be used as storage space for special documents. Several small boxes with inscriptions thus ensure significantly more order in everyday working life. Of course, the small boxes can also be used in everyday life. Jewellery or other valuables in particular can be perfectly deposited in the small box to ensure a clear overview. Jewellery made of precious metals in particular must be protected from too much light, as silver, for example, tends to discolour when exposed to too much UV light. This can easily be prevented by using our small cardboard boxes. Since the small cardboard boxes can also be individually printed and coloured, they can also be used as decorative objects and spice up your own four walls.

Also suitable for gifts

Once you have found a suitable gift for the birthday boy or girl, then suitable packaging is also part of the overall picture. Here you can show how well you know the recipient or how well you listen to him/her. Because with our configurator you can design your desired small cardboard box completely freely. We place no limits on your creativity.

We offer free customisability

With the help of our in-house configurator, you can design small cardboard boxes exactly as you imagine them in your mind's eye. We offer a huge range of colours to choose from. You can also upload your own picture, logo or other motif in the configurator, apply it to the desired location on the small cardboard boxes and have it printed. Our high-quality corrugated cardboard is an ideal printing surface, which is why the colours are particularly vivid and the artwork is particularly sharp. Just try out our configurator and let your artistic talent run wild.

Quality is our top priority

Just like all our products, the cardboard in small is made of 100 percent recycled paper. In this way, we can guarantee that the products we sell are completely recyclable. In this way, we contribute to sustainability and avoid a CO2 footprint that could harm the environment. Our small cardboard box is made of very resistant cardboard, which has nothing to hide in terms of stability and robustness. The surface of our small cardboard boxes is perfect for absorbing ink, which means we can guarantee perfect printing results. Since we produce exclusively in Germany, we can deliver a flawless product.

Do you have any questions? Just contact us!

If you are interested in our small cardboard boxes, you can of course contact us at any time. Your request is important to us, no matter whether you have questions about our products, the production or order quantities. We look forward to hearing from you!