Giant cardboard bricks that are fun to play with!

The Buntbox Colour Bricks are colourful cardboard bricks in original brick size made from recycled cardboard.

The Buntbox Colour Bricks are delivered flat and can be easily folded flat and stored in the box after playing.

Contents: 48 large cardboard bricks in original brick size in 6 different colours: Light green, dark green, red, yellow, orange and blue.

Dimensions: length: 24 cm; width: 11,8 cm; height: 5,8 cm (original brick size)

Cardboard thickness: 500 g/m²

Cardboard bricks by Buntbox

Buntbox Colour Bricks - 48 large, colourful building bricks in original brick size that are fun to play with!

Cardboard bricks from Buntbox

Building blocks in original brick size

If you want to reach for the sky, you can do so with the Buntbox Colour Bricks. The cardboard bricks are the size of an original brick.

Towers can grow into the sky and walls become brightly coloured thanks to the 6 different colours.

Your child's creativity is encouraged

The Buntbox Colour Bricks cardboard building blocks in original brick size can encourage your child's creativity. As building blocks, they can give shape to walls and towers, for example.

With the cardboard bricks, the child also has the opportunity to create completely new things in his or her imagination. The red building block becomes a fire engine and the green building blocks a flower meadow - there are no limits to the imagination!

The light construction - through folded cardboard boxes - makes it easy for your child to stack the building blocks on top of each other and so imaginative structures can be created.

Six bright colours also encourage creativity and bring joy into the children's room. The building blocks can also be combined with other toys.

Your child's skills grow with the building blocks

In the beginning, your child creates small buildings. As they play, they gain more and more confidence to want to go further and the works of art become taller and wider.

Through skilful grasping and stacking of the cardboard bricks, the creations become more and more sophisticated and complex. Your child tries out everything he or she can create with the building blocks.

The balance is promoted when stacking the building blocks on top of each other and the fine motor skills improve automatically through grasping.

If the building collapses, your child tries it again and can reach the goal by changing the construction method. Success makes them proud and gives them the confidence to try something new.

Making mistakes is allowed, because through mistakes the child learns and expands its abilities.

The bright colours are appealing to your child. He learns to distinguish between them and can also name them (initially with the help of an adult).

The Buntbox Colour Bricks are "CE" approved and suitable for children from 3 years.

Playing together is twice as much fun

The Buntbox Colour Bricks allow the child to play alone in their imagination, but creative play with friends or siblings is always new.

Adults can support the child when he or she gets stuck and encourage him or her to try things out. So the cardboard building blocks have added value at many ages and bring joy in doing things together.

How about a domino game?

If the cardboard bricks are placed one behind the other on the short side and the first brick is pushed, all the other bricks fall over one after the other - this is the domino effect.

Serpentine lines or curves can be set up and the colour sequence can also be played with, so that new effects are created again and again.

Your child learns to estimate distances and shapes and to try again if the complete row has not fallen over.

Buntbox Colour Bricks focus on sustainability

The cardboard bricks are made of recycled cardboard and have a long life due to the cardboard thickness of 500 g/m².

Your child will have lots of fun with the colourful bricks and can integrate them into their play again and again.

Thanks to the option of simply folding the building blocks flat again after play, they can be stored in the box provided to save space.

They are also manufactured in an environmentally friendly way in Germany and because they are delivered flat in the box, they take up little space during transport - so you can order several sets with a clear conscience.