Coloured cards from Buntbox

BUNTBOX Cards A6 are high-quality cards made of noble, colourful cardboard.

They fit perfectly to the Buntbox gift boxes, as they are made of the same material. 

You can design the cards as you like or have them printed.

Coloured card from Buntbox in DIN A 6 format

Cards A6 for the Buntbox gift box

The Buntbox gift box can be complemented very nicely with a coloured card in the same material.

You can design the card yourself with stamps, pens or labels or we can print the card for you. You can place the print via the configurator.

Coloured cards made of cardboard in many colours

A card doesn't always have to be white, at BUNTBOX you can also find coloured cards in A6 format (length: 14.8 cm | width: 10.5 cm (DIN A6)). Just choose your favourite colour as an A6 card. . Choose between:

  • Diamond (White)

  • Champagne (Beige)

  • Sahara (Light Brown)

  • Lemon (Light Yellow)

  • Sun (Yellow)

  • Mandarin (Orange)

  • Ruby (Red)

  • Bordeaux (Dark Red)

  • Lavender (Purple)

  • Royal (Blue)

  • Smaragd (Dark Green)

  • Graphite (Black)

  • and many other colours

You can easily put together a card set in different colours.

You can use the cards in DIN A6 format for invitations to birthdays and weddings. Or use a coloured card for your private correspondence. A DIN A6 card can also be designed for thank you cards after the wedding. With its high-quality finish and nostalgic design, the DIN A6 card then looks like a small gift.

The somewhat different cards

Coloured cards belong to the category of somewhat different cards. A card from BUNTBOX stands out at first glance. The high-quality materials have a different effect than standard paper. With a cardboard thickness of 350 g/m2, the cards weigh much more and are also heavier in the hand.

You can design a card in many different ways. You can paint them or stick them on. At Buntbox you can design cards online. You can create a whole series.

Design a card and show your personality

Coloured cards stimulate the imagination. Get creative and design your own card with motifs and letters.

If you need several copies, you can design and print your card online at Buntbox.

Buy colourful cards online at BUNTBOX

A card is a beautiful addition to a gift box. The motley cards look wonderful and are practical for sending special gifts. You can send thank you cards for a wedding or use them as an invitation to a special event.