Everyone wants these chic gifts

There are always certain occasions on the agenda that call for a special gift. In most cases, the gift is found quickly, but how can it be wrapped in a really appealing way? The classic wrapping paper is rather unimaginative and often does not do justice to the gift. That's why you should opt for the gift bags from Buntbox. The gift bag looks stylish and is reminiscent of a high-quality carrier bag. The two handles make the paper gift bags easy to transport and the design is up to you.

Folding instructions

The gift boxes are delivered lying flat and are easily set up by hand

Gift bags from Buntbox

Which presents fit into the paper gift bags?

The paper bag looks really great and offers space for all kinds of presents. You can buy the gift bags to add a personal touch to a birthday, wedding, christening or birth, for example. But which products actually fit into the small and large gift bags? We have some suggestions for you: - Perfumes - Jewellery - Flowers - Toys - Photo gifts - Decorative items The list is long, because their convenient size means that a wide variety of gifts can be accommodated in the paper gift bags. We also have small gift bags in our range.

Which model should you choose?

If you want to buy our decorative gift bags, then you are doing everything right. First of all, choose the right size. Do you want the small gift bags or do you prefer the large gift bags? Once you have chosen your bags, it's time to start designing them. First of all, it is important to decide on the colour of the paper bags. The elegant colours black and white are just as popular as the coloured versions. Have you found the colour you want for your gifts? Then place the motif of your choice on the plates. How about a photo of the recipient or a motif related to the person celebrating? If you are using the gift bag as a promotional gift, then the logo of your company or the slogan of the company can be printed on it. Once you have decided on all the components of your bag, the virtual configurator will show you your design once again. This way you can see right away whether the paper gift bags meet your expectations.

The gift bags as a promotional gift

Why are the bags with handles so successful as a promotional gift? Because the small gift bags look great and are very convenient to carry. What's more, they are used again and again, because practical products are in demand. You can also save on additional packaging costs, because all you have to do is put your gift in the gift bag. This is so decorative that there is no need for additional packaging. Despite the high quality, the price of the paper bag remains attractive. You get a high quality product at an attractive price. There is no better combination and your customers, business partners and employees will be delighted with this type of packaging.

A sustainable product with a long shelf life

The functional paper gift bags are used at a wide variety of events. If you want to buy the gift bags, you are even making a contribution to environmental protection. The paper gift bags are made from 100% recycled cardboard. Resources are thus conserved and the production of the bags takes place exclusively in Germany. The bags are „Made in Germany“ easy to personalise, extremely robust and can be delivered quickly. There can't be more advantages for you and you won't want to do without the product.