Colourable boxes

There are many ways to personalise the Buntboxes, leaving plenty of room for creativity on their surfaces. wax crayons, Öl and acrylics, chalk, glue, stickers, stamps, sealing tools or simply coloured pencils and felt-tip pens (everything goes on them).

Blaue Schachteln von Buntbox

Customization of gift boxes

Our Buntbox team is also more than happy to assist you with any kind of personalizations. We will inform you about all the customization options available and offer you many ideas for your next gift box. Take a look at our range online and get inspired. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you out.

Design your Buntbox gift box individually and creatively!

Personalize your Buntbox with colors and materials of your choice

Would you like to turn your Buntbox gift box into a unique artwork? No problem! With different colors and materials, you can design it according to your taste.

Add a personal touch to your Buntbox with wax crayons, oil and acrylic paints, chalk, and more

Whether you choose wax crayons, oil or acrylic paints, or even chalk - the possibilities are endless. Give your Buntbox a personal touch and design it exactly as you envision.

Create unique designs with colored pencils and markers

If you enjoy drawing or writing, colored pencils and markers are the perfect choice. You can experiment with different colors and create unique designs on your Buntbox.

Explore the variety of color variations and create impressive patterns

Whether you prefer subtle color gradients or eye-catching patterns, colored pencils and markers allow you to achieve a variety of effects. Let your creativity run wild and create stunning designs on your Buntbox.

Add additional details to your Buntbox

Would you like to enhance your Buntbox even further? Use glue, stickers, stamps, and embossing tools to add additional details. You can create special accents and make your Buntbox even more unique.

Use glue, stickers, stamps, and embossing tools for special accents

Glue, stickers, stamps, and embossing tools offer endless possibilities to personalize your Buntbox. Add small decorations, create interesting patterns, or make special accents to make your Buntbox stand out.

Create personalized messages and greetings

Would you like to add a personal touch to your Buntbox? Write the recipient's name or a heartfelt message on the box. This will make your gift even more special and show your loving attention.

Write the recipient's name or a personal message on the box

With a simple pen, you can write the recipient's name or a personal message on your Buntbox. This individual touch will make the gift even more special and bring a smile to the recipient's face.

Enjoy the creative process and the result

Painting your Buntbox gift box is not just a creative activity, but also a process of joy and relaxation.