Paper handbag: a beautiful gift idea made from recycled material

A beautiful package increases the joy of unwrapping. This is even more true when the gift packaging is a special eye-catcher. That's why we have designed a paper bag. Like a real handbag, the paper model inspires with its modern and at the same time feminine shape. The paper handbag has a sturdy bottom and an envelope that is elaborately designed. Of course, the typical bag handle is not missing either: that's why this stylish cardboard handbag can also replace a real handbag if needed!


Papierhandtaschen von Buntbox

Folding instructions

The gift boxes are delivered lying flat and are easily set up by hand

Paper handbag

Wonderful colours of your paper handbag

Colours have a fascinating power. That's why we offer classics in white, black and brown, but also trendy colours like pink, red and purple. This way, the paper handbag attracts attention on the gift table and is even more exciting when the gift matches the colour of the cardboard handbag. The paper handbag can hold anything that fits into it in terms of size: Writing utensils, cosmetics, jewellery or a silk scarf are just as conceivable as a new smartphone, something handmade or a small book.

Paper handbag as a chic eye-catcher

Paper is a natural material because it is made of wood. Another plus of our models, all of which are produced in Germany, is that they are recycled and therefore sustainable. If you look at the beautiful small and larger paper handbags, you will also be impressed by their stylish design. Shape and size are eye-catchers. You can store bits and pieces, jewellery or sharpeners and erasers in it. As a splash of colour, you can also use the accessory on a shelf or sideboard. It is also conceivable to place several paper bags next to each other. Why not put different things in different bags with different colours? Everything is at your fingertips when you need it! This is how you combine the joy of visuals with the need for clarity and order.

Different from any traditional bag

The attraction of creative accessories lies in the tension between imitation and difference. At first glance, the Buntbox paper handbag looks like a leather or textile model. At second glance, however, it reveals itself to be an artfully folded object made of paper of a particularly ripe quality. It is fun to explore the various possibilities of use. This handbag is suitable:

  • as an individual gift box
  • as an accessory for paper lovers
  • for your own design
  • as an order system on the shelf or sideboard

The idea of going out with a Buntbox handbag is also funny. The larger model is ideal for wallet, mobile phone and pocket book in DIN A5.

Creativity is needed

Buntbox offers you not only great colours but also the possibility to design your own paper handbag. It is possible to have a white bag printed, for example with ornaments, flowers or graphic patterns. Logo and lettering are also possible for a personalised message. For example, if you are looking for a particularly creative packaging material for your shop. In the same way, you can design the handbag according to your personal mood. Whether decorated adhesive tape or natural string, satin ribbon or acrylic paints: These stylish bag objects know how to please. What's more, they never cease to amaze with their multiple options!