Giving flowers in a flower gift box with a difference

Isn't it old school to give a bouquet of flowers? Not at all! There's hardly a nicer way to make someone happy and show your affection. With an individual gift box for flowers, a flower greeting becomes something very special again. A colour-coordinated Flowers gift box sets the scene for a lovingly arranged bouquet of flowers and makes for a real wow moment.

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Customization of gift boxes

Our Buntbox team is also more than happy to assist you with any kind of personalizations. We will inform you about all the customization options available and offer you many ideas for your next gift box. Take a look at our range online and get inspired. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you out.

Flowers gift box

Flowers perfectly presented in the flower gift box

Use the surprise effect and make your very personal flower greeting an absolute highlight for the recipient. Our sturdy and beautifully designed gift boxes are available in all your favourite colours – from brightly coloured to pastel elegant colours, everything is included. Choose from a huge range of colours to suit your taste and put a smile on your loved one's face with a flower gift box.

A flower gift box for every occasion

To give a bouquet of flowers, you don't need a specific occasion. Just say thank you or remember how much you love your partner. Flowers in a box are always a welcome gift when you are visiting friends. Not to mention festive occasions such as wedding anniversaries, birthdays or Mother's Day, where a colourful flower gift box always goes down well.

Deliver messages that are close to your heart with a flower box. Tell your loved one how much you love them clean-shaven with a cactus and a wink. Or subtly remind your old girlfriend with a bouquet of forget-me-nots.

The right box for every bouquet

Whether it's a cute bouquet of sweet peas or fragrant violets, a sumptuous bouquet of red roses or precious orchids, we have the right box for every flower. Flowers look best in a box when the colour of the box matches the colour of the bouquet. Another option: work with strong contrasts! For example, choose a box in fresh green or sunny yellow to go with blue irises. You will see, the effect is enchanting.

Many boxes – many possibilities

A box for flowers offers countless options for original gifts. It doesn't always have to be a fresh flower hidden in a colourful box. An enchanting dried flower box is also a welcome gift that will remind people of you for a long time. The advantage: You can get a dried flower box long before you give it as a gift.

Surprise garden friends and balcony lovers with a seed storage box. There are hardly any people with a green thumb who would not be delighted with a seed storage box. Stock a seed storage box individually with rare vegetable seeds or collect flower seeds yourself for a seed storage box.

You've been invited to a good friend's house for dinner? How about fresh or dried herbs in the box to add the finishing touch to a delicious pasta or vegetarian bowl?

Lovers of the unusual also get their money's worth with a flower gift box. Just give a carnivorous plant, a small bromeliad or attractive succulents in a matching box.

Flower box made of high-quality environmentally friendly cardboard

The individual design of our gift box and your creativity make a flower something special. Last but not least, you give flowers with a good ecological conscience. All our high-quality boxes and cartons are environmentally friendly and made from 100% recycled paper in Germany.

Take a look right now and discover the whole variety of coloured boxes and cartons in your favourite colours. We are happy to help you with your selection and have many original ideas for your flower gifts. We look forward to your enquiry!