Gift boxes with lids

Apropos beautifully packaged: At Buntbox you can find great gift boxes that are perfect for a creative gift outfit. The range there includes over 1000 different box shapes and sizes, from which you can put together your own individual box. Gift boxes with lids are particularly popular. Their appealing, simple design has a very special charm. The special thing about them is that you can create top arrangements. You can choose from 24 beautiful, bright colours for over 500 combinations per size. So it's best to choose two different colours for the top and bottom. This creates great effects. If you like it more discreet, you can choose a single-coloured version, for example a white gift box with a lid. The gift boxes are available in 4 sizes (S, M, L and XL). The smallest box has a base the size of a business card and is suitable as original packaging for watches or jewellery, for example. The large gift box with lid XL (gift box with lid large) holds 2 bottles of wine or shoes. The latter can not only be given as a gift but also stored in this box. If you want to give a book or a piece of clothing, we recommend sizes M and L.

Buntbox geometrische Schachteln

Folding instructions

The gift boxes are delivered lying flat and are easily set up by hand

Buntbox gift boxes with lid

Gifts make you happy

A long time ago, three wise men came to the manger to bring gifts to the newborn baby Jesus. So gift giving has a long history – and for good reason. When you give a gift to someone close to you, it not only makes the recipient happy, it makes you happy too. With a gift, you show the recipient your appreciation and affection and make them feel special. In this way, a gift often expresses more than words. Receiving a gift means recognition and love. A beautifully wrapped gift, perhaps with a bow around it, always ensures good humour, surprise and joy.


Pure natural products

The gift box also convinces with first-class material made of fine, 100 percent recycled cardboard. In addition, the boxes are acid- and chlorine-free. This means that all types of packaging (white gift box with lid, large gift box with lid, gift box with lid cardboard, gift box with lid large, gift box cardboard with lid...) are pure, sustainable and environmentally friendly natural products "Made in Germany". The space-saving storage of the boxes also speaks for itself, as they are delivered flat. With a few simple steps, you can quickly fold the cardboard gift boxes with lids.

Design options

Another special feature: you can personalise your gift box with a picture, logo or quote. Just let your imagination run wild and get creative. You have various options for this: With pens, oil paints, chalk, stickers or stamps, the surfaces of the box can be beautifully embellished. Boxes with a print are also nice to look at. Simply go to the Buntbox website. Under "Direct print" you can choose a great template. Here you are spoilt for choice, because Buntbox offers a wide range of beautiful prints for every occasion or the occasional gift. A very special extra when designing your gift box with cardboard lid is the foil embossing. This process transforms the cardboard into a real piece of jewellery and gives it a very personal touch. No matter which design option you choose: a beautifully packaged box from Buntbox, perhaps decorated with a bow, always ensures a real surprise effect and shining eyes for the recipient. Have fun giving them as a gift