BUNTBOX Extra large cardboard boxes for extra large gifts

Your gift is a bit large? Or even quite big? Then you need one of our extra large cardboard boxes! The XL version of our BUNTBOX gift box measures 340 x 220 millimetres and is 115 millimetres high: great for two bottles of wine, a nice jumper or as an attractive outer packaging for several smaller gifts. The XL box is not enough? Respect – we also like to receive such gifts! With the BUNTBOXMAKER you can configure gift boxes, folding boxes and pillow boxes in your desired sizes. Of course also in extra large sizes up to 40 centimetres edge length are possible.

Extra große Geschenkschachteln von Buntbox

Folding instructions

The gift boxes are delivered lying flat and are easily set up by hand

Extra large cardboard box from Buntbox

For the home: creating order with fun and system

Our extra large cardboard boxes are also suitable as attractive and clear storage solutions for the home. The XL gift box, for example, is just the right size for a pair of shoes. Keeping your shoe cupboard, craft chest or storage room tidy is simply more fun with BuntBOX. The solid boxes are available in various sizes and in all your favourite colours. It looks great and can be very practical: For example, you can pack your winter shoes in slate-grey shoe boxes and your sandals in apple-green or sunshine-yellow ones – it's easy to keep track of everything!

We have over 500 colour combinations and you choose the best one!

You can choose two different colours for the base and lid of our extra-large cardboard boxes if you like. With our 24 favourite brilliant colours, from azure to lemon, there are over 500 harmonious and exciting combinations. Match the colours of your gift box to the contents, choose colours to suit the occasion (Bordeaux and Emerald for Christmas, Champagne for your best friend's wedding, Sunny Yellow and Atlantic for your summer birthday) – or just pick the colours you fancy most!

Now it's personal: Your print on our box

Of course, you can also personalise our extra large cardboard boxes with pictures and text. Your name, a word or saying, a small cartoon or the logo of your company will make your box unmistakable. If you opt for direct printing, you can even have individual copies customised.

Nice, customisable boxes in extra large sizes

Whether you want to package gifts practically and beautifully or are looking for individual storage solutions for your home, our strikingly beautiful extra large cardboard boxes are exactly what you need. Fast delivery times and excellent value for money ensure that you can create your projects the way you want. Our extra-large cardboard boxes are delivered flat for space-saving storage until you need them. When you need them, all it takes is a few simple steps and your box is stable. You don't need glue or other tools. BUNTBOX gift boxes are made of 100% recycled cardboard in Germany without the use of chlorine or acids. We use fine cardboard of 350 grams per square metre. Our cardboards are fully coloured, have a pleasant surface feel and can be written on, painted, stamped or glued with any pens and materials. Let yourself be inspired! Do you have any questions? Call us, or send us a message – we are happy to help!