Combines creativity and versatility: Medium gift box Buntbox M in various colours and at a first-class price

The medium gift box scores with its practical size

Imposing seventeen centimetres (cm) in length and eleven cm in width make the base of the bottom part large enough to wrap exciting gifts in a sophisticated way. The top also has a generous height of six centimetres and provides optimum protection for glasses and even clothes. The medium-sized box for special occasions is environmentally friendly and sustainable because it is made of one hundred percent recycled cardboard. The highly innovative and trendy twenty-four colours completely redefine the concept of bright variety. In combination, they ensure that your gift makes a very good, eye-catching impression - whether you are at a garden party or want to impress on a business occasion.

With all its advantages, it should be mentioned that the medium-sized gift box is delivered folded. This saves transport costs and requires very little storage space. This not only ensures shipment within one to three days, but also significantly reduces the weight. The upper part has a shipping weight of just twenty-two grams, while the lower part weighs a total of about fifty-three grams. Otherwise, considerably more packaging material would be required. After your order, the delivery of the goods starts immediately. We have the medium sized box in stock in all colours. This reserve enables us to react precisely and without delay to customer requests.

Folding instructions

The gift boxes are delivered lying flat and are easily set up by hand

Combines creativity and versatility: Medium-sized gift box Buntbox M in various colours and at a first-class price

The medium gift box convinces with functionality and foresight

Medium gift boxes at get their functionality from an optimal product design. The elaborate folding of the top and bottom ensures that you never have to use scissors and glue when assembling the box. With just a few simple steps, you can assemble the foldable medium box quickly and easily. This saves time and drastically reduces the consumption of short-lived wrapping paper. You not only reduce your own costs - you also make a personal contribution to environmental protection and sustainability. Thanks to its stability, the medium box can also be used as a storage box after the gift has been given, thus keeping everything tidy.

Design your medium gift box with the ultimate configurator

The medium box for giving as a gift has another surprise in store: Add your own personal print to the top. There are no limits to your creativity. With myprint, you can design the top of the gift box medium according to your specifications. The idea of giving a gift to your loved ones with personal words goes back to the beginning of human history. Whether you want ‘I love you‘ or ‘I’m sorry‘ printed on it. You configure and we will implement your idea according to your wishes.

Expressing your love and admiration with a name

Because of its special meaning, the personal name of a person is particularly popular as a way of expressing appreciation and affection. Our sophisticated surface inscription technology gave birth to the concept of a gift box with a name. This makes the top of your medium box very special and much more personal than traditional wrapping paper. It is exclusive and noble.

Make gifts more personal and sustainable with the medium gift box

Enjoy these advantages for your personal gifts. We want your gift to make a good and lasting impression. Feel free to browse through our products and order your gift box at the price shown, including VAT, plus shipping.