The small gift box Buntbox S brings great joy

The most beautiful gifts do not always have to be large. The value of a gift is also never reflected by its size. So it is often the small presents that create real emotions. Nevertheless, one rule should always be observed: It's the presentation that counts. If you want to present a gift, then you also have to wrap it attractively. Our small gift box will be your first choice. The small box with lid is robust and looks great as well.

Folding instructions

The gift boxes are delivered lying flat and are easily set up by hand

Buntbox S small gift box

Buy small gift boxes with added value

Not only do we offer you small gift boxes in high quality, you will also be pleased with their compactness. So you can tailor the small box exactly to your needs or the needs of the recipient. If you have a company and want to give your customers, business partners or employees a small gift with added value, then the mini box from Buntbox is also the perfect choice.

Which colour should it be?

When you have decided on our small folding boxes, you can still specify the colour of your choice. For gifts with a love theme, the colour red is a good choice. The classic small white box is also in demand, as it has a neutral design. Small green boxes are also very popular and the bright colours will definitely convince you. We also offer you another highlight. The lid of our small gift boxes does not have to be in the same colour as the box itself. You can therefore decide on a colour combination, which opens up a whole new range of possibilities. You have countless attractive combinations at your disposal and there are no limits to your creativity.

What gifts can be packed in the small gift boxes?

Our small boxes are versatile and can also be decorated with a wide variety of gifts. How about chocolates or other fine delicacies? Jewellery also looks perfect in the small folding boxes. Do you want to sell care products in a decorative way? Then you should not do without our small boxes with lids.

Our mini box makes its contribution to environmental protection

When you buy small boxes, you show that high-quality gifts can be packaged in an environmentally friendly way. Our small gift box is made from recycled cardboard and is therefore particularly good for the environment. Nevertheless, the gift is attractively packaged and this combination is certainly unbeatable. In addition, the gift boxes can be packed small. They are foldable, which is why many boxes can be transported in a small space. This aspect also contributes to environmental protection.

The mini box is versatile

You can use our small gift box not only once as gift packaging. In fact, you can use it again and again. Our small boxes with lids also fulfil the role of storage boxes. Many small utensils can be stored in them and the surroundings look decorative and tidy thanks to our small gift boxes.

The price/performance ratio is right here

Do you want to buy our small boxes? Then you can look forward to the highest quality and an attractive price. Our small gift boxes are a real eye-catcher and that too at an attractive price. It doesn't get any better than this and you won't want to be without our small gift boxes in the future.