Gift boxes for occasions and celebrations of all kinds

As we all know, you should celebrate as they fall: Parties with friends, family celebrations, company anniversaries, summer parties, weddings and much more...BUNTBOX has the right gift boxes for you for every occasion to make your celebration and your gift unforgettable!
Look forward to the next celebration: BUNTBOX gift boxes, gift packaging and gift boxes are always high quality, sustainable and versatile, simply a great gift for every occasion.
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Which gift box for which occasion?

Give yourself and others a treat again! We have compiled various occasions and inspirations for gift giving with the BUNTBOX gift boxes and gift boxes here for you:



Mother's Day



Celebrations & Parties

Christening / Baptism


Valentine's Day



School & University graduation




Father's day


New Year



Let us take you into the world of festivities and discover the variety of BUNTBOX gift boxes with which you are prepared for every occasion!

Every year again! - Use the gift box for Christmas from BUNTBOX.

You look out of the window and see colourful lights everywhere in the streets and shops, there's the smell of freshly baked biscuits and you hear atmospheric Christmas carols on the radio, and you know exactly that it will soon be that time again: Christmas is just around the corner! You already have all your presents together and now you just need the right gift box to give them away? BUNTBOX has great gift bags and gift boxes for Christmas. The small boxes in cube shape are especially suitable to create a personal advent calendar. If you still need boxes for your Christmas baubles, the BUNTBOX gift box is a great way to keep them safe.
At BUNTBOX there is a wide range of varieties and colours of gift boxes with great Christmas motifs and designs that are perfect for the reflective time of the year and your gifts. You can also easily customise your gift box yourself.

Pure romance! - Gift box for the wedding by BUNTBOX

Ready for the most beautiful day in your life? If you're still looking for the perfect gift box for your next wedding, BUNTBOX might have just the thing for you.
Creative and artistic: You want to give a homemade card box as a wedding gift? The BUNTBOX cube boxes are perfect for that, they are available in many trendy colours. From white to black, everything is there. The wedding box is perfect for cards and vouchers, which always go down well as a gift.
Invitation cards are perfect to send in the high-quality cardboard envelopes. The BUNTBOX cardboard bricks are suitable for wedding games and as a gift box for souvenirs.

Give love as a gift - with the Valentine's Day gift box from BUNTBOX.

There's love in the air!
Do you want to show your loved one how much he or she means to you? Valentine's Day is made for that. On this day, we celebrate love and show our partner how much we appreciate each other with small gifts.
A gift is a romantic gesture that says more than a thousand words. Beautifully designed and carefully packaged, even the small gift gets the right presentation. At BUNTBOX you can order the right Valentine's Day gift box - e.g. for cosmetics, a perfume, a voucher for a wellness weekend for two, a bottle of wine, jewellery, a book ... There are so many ways to please your significant other with a creative gift. For Valentine's Day, give a paper handbag decorated with hearts or a Valentine's Day gift box in the shape of a cube, ideal for sweet treats.