Get well soon with the BUNTBOX motif box „Health“

The health motif boxes from BUNTBOX are well worth considering whether they should not become part of the range of services offered by health insurance companies. Their colourful, cheerful design cheers you up just by looking at them. „Laughter is the best medicine!“, they say. Although the full-bodied assertion of the sentence is not to be taken literally, there is a little truth in it. Personal encouragement and attention in the case of illness support medical treatments and give depressed and suffering patients new courage.

Blaue Schachteln von Buntbox

Customization of gift boxes

Our Buntbox team is also more than happy to assist you with any kind of personalizations. We will inform you about all the customization options available and offer you many ideas for your next gift box. Take a look at our range online and get inspired. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you out.

Get well gift boxes

Instead of cards: gift boxes

BUNTBOX motif boxes „Health“ are a great alternative to traditional cards with get-well wishes. Their cheerful colourful prints lift the spirits and distract from the illness. The boxes work for themselves. At the same time, they arouse anticipation for their contents. Put the contents together with care. Show how much you want him or her to get well soon. For example, sweets or alcohol are not a good idea for some illnesses. Bücher, on the other hand, are often welcome when you are ill. Perfume or costume jewellery as well as CDs or DVDs are also perfect for the motif boxes to wish „Get well soon!“. When making your choice, always ask yourself whether the person who is ill will really be happy about it. Gifts that you make yourself are particularly personal: small handicrafts such as socks or a scarf, or even candles or soaps that you have made yourself, – provided that you already have some experience. You will definitely hit the bull's eye with an extra enclosed letter, preferably handwritten, as long as your writing is legible for others.

„I'm thinking of you!“ and „Get well soon!“ are the two main messages of the motif box series „Health“ by BUNTBOX. You can hand the boxes over directly and send them over long distances.

Get well soon: encouraging motif boxes in several variations

We offer the motif boxes for health or illness in different designs and formats:

BUNTBOX motif boxes: designs

With the BUNTBOX motif boxes „Health“ you will find details for every age group and occasion. Important for the planned use: With one version you wish a speedy recovery from an illness. With the other variant, you express your hope that the recipient will remain healthy. This can be, for example, before a trip or a sporting event, or after a serious illness.

The box variant „Get well soon" – „Get well soon“ – appeals especially to younger people. English-language wishes are less common among older people. The design is also aimed more at children, teenagers and young adults.

The „Stay healthy“ box variant has a small flower garland drawn on top of the lettering in cursive script. The motif is suitable for practically everyone: for grandparents as well as for children and grandchildren, for friends, colleagues, neighbours and business partners. But beware: This variant is intended for the state of health, not illness.

BUNTBOX Motif Boxes: Formats

For your Motif Box „Health“ you have a choice of different formats; for example:

The classic rectangular cardboard box with a boldly coloured base and motif-printed lid is spacious and sturdy.

The elegant cushion box made of cardboard paper is relatively flat with a correspondingly small volume. It is also more sensitive to mechanical impact. For shipping, it should therefore be placed in a sturdy outer packaging.

Design your own motif box!

Do you have a great design idea of your own? We are looking forward to your suggestions: your own drawings, photos and get-well wishes with a personal salutation. Feel free to contact us about this.